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Auditoriums, conference rooms and multifunctional spaces are places where people can spend a lot of time without leaving their seats. For this reason, auditorium seats must offer the greatest comfort as possible, and their adjustment to body posture is an added value.

The main purpose of a good theatre seat is that the time spent sitting in it is as pleasant as possible and that the user does not lose detail of what is happening by having an uncomfortable seat.

ACTIU’s conference room and auditorium chairs have an ergonomic design that not only integrates into the environment of the space in which it is located but also fits perfectly to the position of the person occupying the seat.


The combination of comfort with design makes the seats the ideal option to equip the stalls of a multifunctional space, a theatre, an auditorium or a congress hall.

ACTIU’s auditorium chairs are manufactured in different models, almost entirely with fireproof and recyclable materials to ensure safety and sustainability.

They have a range of standardized measures that can be adjusted to the space where they are located. To ensure adaptability, the auditorium seats are made with side feet or with a single central foot, which acts by a fixed arm.

In addition, the seats can be located in a straight line or follow a curved pattern. In this way, there is no obstacle for the design of the location to be adapted to the regulations of use of the room and its shape.

And if the space requires it, it is possible to manufacture the seats for conference halls or conference rooms with a writing panel, making it easier for the spectators to take notes during the event and not miss a single detail.


When we talk about ACTIU’s auditorium seats, we are referring to comfortable seats for multifunctional spaces and congresses, where the user can enjoy a great moment. 

Our seats are designed to take care of the well-being of people thanks to a stable seat recovery and a plus of robustness consequence of its compact structure.

Audit, our program of auditorium seating is perfectly adapted to the needs of any room. These models are designed by our R + D + i department in collaboration with renowned designers.

Comfort and ergonomics are a fundamental part of the design and manufacture of our furniture, but so is security. Its polyurethane seat and backrest with ergonomic volume is self-extinguishing. In other words, in case of fire, in our seats combustion is not maintained when the source of ignition is removed.