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We've actively been involved in the
Fixed and Public seating industry for
more than 27 years!

Masakhane Seating is a Level 1 BBBEE contributor focusing on the upliftment and enrichment of all South Africans.


Masakhane Seating has 10 key areas from which we base all our values and visions for the future...
Our client relationship: Customer need - Personalised assistance - Solutions study -
Seat distribution in your project/proposal - Customer approval - Integrated manufacturing -
Project completion


Joe Moche

Chief Production Officer


Majority shareholder with 30+ years experience in the management, production and design of OFFICE and AUDITORIUM SEATING, working together with some of the major role-players for over 20 years.

Deon de Klerk

Special Projects Director


Over 20+ years experience in his field of expertise with projects such as the VIP, VVIP seating and PRESS DESKING for the GREENPOINT STADIUM and spectator seating for the ROYAL BAFOKENG SPORTS PALACE 2010 WORLD CUP

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